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Summer is for homeschoolers too

Even though we homeschool, summer is an exciting time in the year. There’s the obvious fact that it’s warm enough to swim and warm enough to send the kids outside, but there’s also another fun part to summer: Everyone else is out of school.

Why does it matter that everyone else is out of school?

School being out means there’s lots of kids looking for things to do and lots of parents looking for things for their kids to do. This is the time of year when you can find something to do for free at least once a week for two whole months.

I know this may break your stereotype of the hermit homeschool family, but it’s so wonderful to have the opportunity to get the kids out and doing things. Free is a huge mommy bonus.

Most places aren’t going to send you a handwritten invite to these free events so you’re probably going to have to look for them.

The first place you should try checking for free events is your local library. Our library is doing workshops and events twice a week throughout June and July. There’s a workshop on Wednesday’s for kids 1st grade and up and then there’s an event on Friday for kids of all ages. Some of the workshops include teaching magic tricks, an art lesson, ATV safety, and other similar educational classes.

Our library is fairly close and these events only last about an hour so that means we still have the opportunity to work on school on those days (we school year around).

The next best place to check is your home church. Our church hosts a “Wacky Wednesday” for kids K-6th grade. They go bowling, have water days, and do other fun things. Most of these aren’t totally free, but it only costs about $5 to provide lunch.

They also host a day camp one week during June and one week during July at no cost. Then of course we have VBS. If your church doesn’t offer these types of things, search other local churches and see if they do.

There are also several sports camps throughout the summer, but those tend to cost. We paid for Josiah to be able to attend soccer camp as his birthday present, but other than that we try to avoid costly camps.

Not only do I prefer to save my money, but with the free camps, VBS, and soccer camp there are four weeks of our summer that Josiah will be busy having fun with kids his age. Not to mention the twice a week the rest of the summer that we plan to try and attend the library free events.

And people think homeschoolers are unsocialized? 🙂



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