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Is my baby human?

Kind of a weird title right? Honestly in my mind I’m thinking, “Is that even a question?”

Well, honestly, depending on who you ask the answer will vary.

My family, my friends, and everyone I know says, “Yes of course!”

Anyone that is Pro-life would say, “Yes!”

The majority of Christians would say, “YES!”

However, for those who are Pro-choice the answer isn’t quite clear. Allegedly (because I didn’t actually hear her say this), Hillary Clinton said that a baby isn’t human (because it has no rights) until it is born.

Many Pro-choice believe that it’s OK to have an abortion up until 12 weeks. That means, up until 12 weeks of pregnancy the stuff inside of you isn’t human. Because humans have basic inalienable rights. Remember? The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Some Pro-choice believe that it’s OK to have an abortion up until about 25 weeks, when the stuff inside of you could possibly survive with assistance if born. Once again, that means the thing inside of you isn’t human until at least 25 weeks in their opinion.

There are those few Pro-choice people that believe a woman should be able to get an abortion even past that.

Here’s a few things that scientists seem to agree:

  • At 6 weeks, right around the time a woman finds out she’s pregnant, the baby has a heartbeat. The heart is pumping blood. The baby is also made of cells.
  • At 7 weeks, arms, legs, hands, and feet are beginning to develop. The middle ear is forming.
  • At 8 weeks, the ears and eyelids are developing. The arm and leg buds have grown fingers and toes.
  • By 10 weeks, the baby is growing finger nails and toe nails (think Juno…lol)
  • By 11 weeks, the most crucial part of the baby’s organ system development is over. Reproductive organs are becoming more distinguished…the baby has a gender by this point.
  • At 13 weeks, the baby is able to flex and move their arms and legs.
  • At 14 weeks, the baby can make facial expressions and reproductive organs are continuing to develop.
  • By 20 weeks, women may start to feel the baby moving around. The baby can swallow and suck its thumb. The baby can now also hear.
  • At 23 weeks, the baby looks proportionally like a newborn.
  • At 25 weeks, it is possible (with medical assistance) for a baby to live outside of the womb.
  • By 28 weeks, the baby can see and is fully physically developed (the lungs need to develop more and baby needs to fatten up).

According to the list above, there is no way that a baby is not a human. There’s no way the baby is not alive.

By scientific definition. a living thing must:

  • Be made of cells
  • Obtain and use energy
  • Grow and develop
  • Respond to their environment
  • Adapt to their environment

From the very beginning a baby is made up of cells. Growth isn’t spontaneous it has to occur by the use of energy. That means in the womb, a baby is a baby because it uses energy and it grows and develops. Have you ever seen a baby on a ultrasound or listened to the heartbeat? The baby, from very early on responds to stimuli inside and outside the womb. The baby also has the ability to adapt because eventually baby will go from drinking fluid and floating to breathing air.

It’s been my experience that a baby is a baby as long as the people involved want it. If someone doesn’t want it, then all of the sudden it isn’t human yet until a certain point. There will be a lot of people that disagree with this and that’s fine.

However, Tobias has been and always will be human — no matter what Hillary Clinton or anyone else says.


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