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The miracle of medicine: Fighting infertility

In the New Testament Jesus and His disciples performed many miracles. The blind was made the see, the lame to walk, and the dead to rise again. One of the interesting things about these miracles is that the miracles were accomplished in different ways — there wasn’t just one method to creating a miracle.

Jesus told Lazarus to get up and walk and he rose from the dead. When he made the blind man see he covered his face with mud and told him to go wash it off in one of the dirtiest know bodies of water around.

I firmly believe that the miracles in the Bible didn’t stop when Jesus ascended into heaven or when the apostles died. Jesus was able to perform miracles by the touch of His hand or by the words of His mouth. Obviously we don’t have that gift, but that doesn’t mean miracles don’t happen.

Modern medicine is one of the greatest miracles God has given us in recent years. Think about it. If we could teleport someone here from the 1800s and we could show them the medicines we have and all the things we can cure they’d think it was a miracle. Way back then simple ailments could kill. Children died of minor illnesses that we don’t even see as a threat anymore. We might not be able to cure cancer, but there are many people that will tell you it’s a miracle that they’re alive because they had the medicine and/or surgery to fight off the cancer.

Another miracle is the miracle of babies. A long time ago if a woman didn’t have a baby then she was just considered barren and out of luck. That’s not the case now. If a couple is having a hard time getting pregnant they have several options. There are medications that can help the body ovulate and medications that can help keep hormones balanced so a woman can carry a baby full term. If that doesn’t work there’s in vitro fertilization. They can actually take a woman’s egg and fertilize it with her husband’s sperm and then place it inside her body. She can then continue to have a healthy pregnancy that she might not have had without the miracle of this medical advancement.

Sometimes in vitro is not enough. Sometimes the woman’s body can’t hold that baby no matter how hard she wants to. Medical professionals can take a fertilized egg from a couple and place it into another woman’s body for her to keep it safe until the baby is ready to be born.

It is an absolute miracle that a woman with unhealthy eggs can find an egg donor, have a few of those eggs fertilized and implanted inside of her. It is a miracle that a woman, such as myself, who has suffered multiple miscarriages can carry a pregnancy to term by simple taking a pill to correct a hormone imbalance. A couple that would have had no other options for giving birth to a baby now have several options depending on the issue. That is a miracle of God. Without Him, we wouldn’t have the medical ability to do these things.invitro

Sometimes none of the above works. Sometimes none of the above is an option because of finances. Many couples choose to avoid all the costly and invasive procedures and jump right into adoption. You know what? That’s an awesome thing for those families. Adoption is a wonderful option and one that should be considered. However, when making the decision to start a family or create a bigger family God must be consulted. God has a plan. God’s plan doesn’t always involve adoption for some families. I 100% believe that adoption is a calling. God calls people to be ministers and God calls people to adopt. He calls some people to adopt from overseas and some people to adopt from their hometown.

Each couple has to pray and ask God what His will is. What does He want them to do? Many people are quick to suggest adoption when a woman is struggling with fertility, but that isn’t always what God wants. Each child is a gift from God and each child has a purpose. When a woman is struggling to get pregnant and chooses in vitro instead of adoption don’t look down on her or call her selfish because she didn’t adopt. Think about the fact that her child, as cliche as it sounds, may be the next president or Billy Graham.

Adoption is a great option, but so is the miracle of fertility meds, in vitro, and surrogacy. It’s not wrong for a woman to want to feel her baby kicking inside of her. It’s not wrong to want to hear that first heartbeat and hear that first cry. Women were made to be mothers. Look at the Bible. Sarah and Hannah were both desperate to have children and God gave them children.

Pray for all the women struggling to have babies. It’s hard feeling like you can’t do the one thing you know you were meant to do. I’m so thankful that God has blessed us with the miracle of medicine.


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