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Take out at home: Eat fresh

No matter how many groceries I have at home there are still those days that cooking dinner is just out of the question. When that happens we typically resort to “fend for yourself” dinners, which means everyone eats what they can find, or we eat out. Eating out can be expensive for a family of four and it’s rarely ever filling for more than an hour or two.

The last time I decided I wasn’t going to cook we went to Subway. Jimmi and I each ordered a sandwich, chips and a drink. Josiah got a kids meal, which includes a small sandwich, a cookie or apples, and a drink. By the time is was all said and done we’d spend close to $30. If we would have gotten a 6-inch a piece we would have spent about $10 less, but still we spent $20-30 for us to eat. Samuel didn’t even get anything of his own I just shared a little bit with him.

I can’t afford to spend $30 once or twice a week when I don’t feel like cooking or we don’t have time. After eating our $30 lunch I decided that I could “Eat Fresh” at home and get more bang for my buck.wpid-20150412_130907.jpg

Sunday after church was one of those days that I didn’t want to cook lunch. So instead of eating out we went to Walmart and bought sandwich hoagies ($2), lunch meat ($6), cheese ($3), fresh spinach ($3), tomatoes ($1.50), chips ($3), cucumber ($1.50), avocado ($2), and three drinks ($3). I spent $25 and all four of us had a fresh sub sandwich, chips, and a drink. The great thing after we were done eating we still had bread, cheese, spinach, tomato, chips, cucumber, and a little bit of lunch meat left. If I would have spent the $6 and bought more lunch meat I could have fed all four of us two meals for $30.

It may have not been Subway, but it was 10 times easier buying the stuff and putting it together at home than waiting in line at Subway with the kids to get sandwiches. The great thing aside from saving money is that depending on what ingredients you buy the sandwiches at home will be much healthier. You might spend a little more, but as I’ve already said, I doubled the amount of food for my family just by going to Walmart and buying sandwich stuff instead of going to Subway or Firehouse or any of those other sandwich places.

Sometimes quickest and easiest is not always the most efficient or the best thing for the family. With a fast food joint on every corner it is easy to fall into the trap of fast food — I know that we fall for it more than I’d like to admit. I’m trying to do better though and hopefully I can slowly eliminate that temptation.

As a matter of fact, I think I’m going to make me one of those sandwiches now. I bought some delicious flat bread and I’m getting hungry just typing this.


3 thoughts on “Take out at home: Eat fresh

  1. A great way to make a healthy dinner. I too have had the Subway experience, when I was so bone tired after work that I just wanted an easy dinner for all, but later I felt so guilty because the cost was ridiculous for three sandwiches! What does work for us is a cooked chicken from walmart for $5.00, a great deal with a home cooked side dish and fruit or veggie.

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