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Lemon: Ultimate fever buster


Samuel eating his lunch on day 3 at the hospital.

Saturday morning I woke up and Samuel was lethargic and running a fever of 104. I don’t normally get upset over fevers, but with Samuel only being a year old and him being so lethargic we decided to take him to the ER. Before we left I rubbed my Young Living Lemon oil down Samuel’s spine.

Once we got to the ER we were taken directly back. When the lady took his temperature she told us his temperature was only around 100.7. I thought she’d lost her mind because I’d just taken his temperature about 20 minutes prior and it was 103.9. As we sat in the room in the ER his fever spiked back up to 105 and they had to give him medication to get his fever down.

The nurse in the ER had told us if Samuel was running that high of a fever we should have given him Tylenol or Motrin because he could have had a febril seizure.

Here’s the thing. For a fever, Lemon or Peppermint (there are other oils too) should be applied to the bottoms of the feet, spine, or forehead every 30 minutes until the fever has broke. Within 15 minutes of applying the oils Samuel’s fever was drastically lower than what it was at home. About 20 minutes after that his fever had spiked back up to 105. It could all be a huge coincidence, but let’s be honest, if I’d given him Tylenol before we went to the hospital everyone would be talking about how quickly the Tylenol worked.

wpid-20150223_133349.jpgWe’ve used Lemon and Peppermint for fever several times and it has always worked well. We’ve never had a fever linger or one of the kids spike one that couldn’t be broken. The best thing about them is I can avoid giving the kids man-made medication when it’s not necessary. Don’t get me wrong — I’m very thankful that there is medication out there for when people need it. The thing is, I think we’ve come to rely on those medications more than we need to. When the hospital gave Samuel the Motrin, his fever was down to 100 within 30-45 minutes. If I’d been dosing him with Motrin on and off this whole time it might not have worked as quickly.

For more information about Young Living Oils or to purchase oils, comment or visit If you decide to order or sign up, my member number is 1795576.


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