Young Living essential oils: Ear infections

With four sets of little ears in our house we frequently deal with ear infections. There’s a lot of mixed feelings within the medical field about the efficacy of antibiotics for ear infections and I tend to agree with the side that says there is no reason to give antibiotics for a simple ear infection. wpid-20150206_090237.jpg

We started using Young Living Essential Oils last April and from what I’ve seen, the oils work quicker and better than antibiotics do when it comes to an ear infection.

A few months ago, our friend’s son got a terrible ear infection that turned into a ruptured ear drum. I started rubbing YL Thieves, Purification, and Lavender on the outside of his ear and behind his ear (NEVER inside the ear). By the end of the day the drainage had started drying up and almost immediately he stopped fussing and acting uncomfortable. It was completely cleared up within a few days.

Samuel and Lucas both came home from the doctor with ear infections on Wednesday. I immediately started applying my trio of oils and once again the fussiness went away and the drainage in Lucas’ ear started drying up.

The Thieves and the Purification help with the infection and the Lavender helps with the infection and helps with the pain. I’ll only focus on the ear infection today, but this trio is used for tons of different issues. This is one of the many reasons I love my oils. With 7 basic oils I have treated/prevented several illnesses and other common issues.

For more information about Young Living Oils or to purchase oils, comment or visit If you decide to order or sign up, my member number is 1795576.


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