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Learning is as easy as baking cookies

This morning our planned sit-down school time consisted of listening to the first chapter of Charlotte’s Web (more on that later), discussing Charlotte’s Web, and working on addition. So basically we did about 45 minutes of school, right? Wait…before you start mentally confirming your suspicions that homeschool is simply a way for clingy parents to keep their kids home, just hear me out.20141015_131819_resized

After lunch I decided to bake cookies. Josiah and I baked some over the weekend and we decided to bake them again. So we worked on fractions. Josiah had to measure 3/4 of a cup of sugar and brown sugar. He saw what the fraction was and what it meant in a physical capacity rather than a worksheet. Then, because I couldn’t find my 1 teaspoon he learned that two 1/2 teaspoons equal a whole teaspoon.

We then moved on to some reading when Josiah read off the ingredients and gathered them for me…OK so there was a little bit of cooking class involved in there too. We also worked on critical thinking skills and vocabulary.

I read off the directions, “Gradually pour flour mixture into butter/sugar mixture.” Then I asked Josiah to remember how we poured the flour mixture into last time. He said slowly and a little bit at a time. So I asked him what he thought the word “gradually” meant. He told me it probably meant to pour it in a little bit at a time slowly. After I mixed it all together with the mixer I put the mixer up (after we licked the batter off) and Josiah poured in the chocolate chips. When I started stirring it together with a spatula, I asked Josiah why he thought I was using a spatula instead of the mixer. He said because the mixer would cut up the chocolate chips.

For some this post may seem silly and pointless, but the thing is, whether you’re homeschooling or not there are a lot of valuable learning experiences that don’t take a lot of time or money. Not all learning experiences are this delicious, but I for one love school lessons wrapped in baking.


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