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First day of 1st grade

Monday was the first day of school for our local public schools, so to get into the spirit of things it was also Josiah’s first day of school. We’d taken almost a three week break so it was about time!

Playing it cool

Playing it cool

I’ve spent the past few weeks preparing the classroom and lesson plans for the new school year. In a way I feel like this is our first “real” school year. What I mean is, we pulled Josiah out of preschool in December and I started working with him at home. In February he started Kindergarten work. He breezed through it. We only worked about an hour a day four days a week and he still finished by the end of July.

When I first started doing Kindergarten work with him I tried doing Social Studies and Science with him, but honestly neither one of us were feeling it. The types of science and social studies stuff they want Kindergarteners to learn seem more natural learning rather than book learning.

This school year (2014-2015) is technically Josiah’s Kindergarten year. That’s what the papers say. However, unofficially he started first grade. He still goes to the Kindergarten class at church and all other activities are based on his age, not his grade. We are doing Language, Reading, and Math everyday. We alternate Science and Social Studies every other day. His Social Studies curriculum will only take about half the school year to cover so when Social Studies is done, we will start Spanish (which he is ecstatic about).

Super hero pose

Super hero pose

I’ve debated a lot about whether I should let Josiah get ahead like he is. There are so many pros and what many would considers cons to doing it this way. One of the pros is that this is the beauty of homeschooling — we are going at Josiah’s pace. I never push Josiah any further than his potential. Josiah is reading pretty good for his age, but it’s not because I’ve pressured him or bullied him into doing so. He catches onto things quickly right now and it’s working for us. One of the cons is that he could finish early. There is a possibility that he, like many other homeschoolers, will finish high school before his peers. My biggest concern is that I not do too much work during the day that he finish first grade before he turns 6. There is though a very good chance that he will eventually slow down and some concepts will be harder for him to master. Things will also slow down once Samuel starts school (a long time from now) and there are two kids learning.

I have to say though that after seeing all the pictures of these little Kindergarteners getting dropped off at school for the first time and all these Mommas that are sad to see their baby’s go, I am extremely thankful that I get to stay home. My desire to hold onto my baby really doesn’t have much to do with my decision to homeschool, but I am glad that I don’t have to say that teary goodbye as he goes off to school.

*I know not everyone has the means or the desire to homeschool, so I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad.*

One thing I am hoping for is that this year Josiah will eventually stop asking when he is going to go back to his “old school”. It’s funny, he was only in preschool for 9 months and he still asks about it. I am also hoping that over this next year things will go smoothly and that we will learn a lot of great things together. Monday was also my husband’s first day of college so we’ve all been experiencing a learning curve as we adjust to our new way of life



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