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I want my body back

Before I got pregnant with Samuel, I was working to get healthy and get fit and as a natural side effect — lose weight. I’d gotten down to 134 (the smallest I’ve been in a long time) this time last year.

I'm the one on the far right...ignore the fact that we look drenched from the rain. This photo was taken exactly two months after Samuel was born.

I’m the one on the far right…ignore the fact that we look drenched from the rain. This photo was taken exactly two months after Samuel was born.

Here’s the thing: I’d love to say that I’m starting this fancy100% guaranteed remedy to losing weight. I’m sorry, I’ve studied a bit about nutrition and my Dad has a degree in exercise science (Kinesiology) and used to be a personal trainer — any product that promises that you’re going to lose weight will probably work initially but will not benefit you in the long run. The pills, the diets, the meal plans…they may help you lose weight, but many of them are not healthy and they only guarantee temporary results. Give me a break — who is going to eat Lean Cuisines or Jenny Craig meals every day for the rest of their lives?

Losing weight is about changing your lifestyle. It’s about getting rid of the junk and replacing it with healthier alternatives and it’s about exercise. Yes. Exercise. The thing is, you have to do some exercising in order to be healthy. You can be skinny and may seem fine, but the fact is that exercise is what keeps your heart and lungs and other organs healthy.

I’ll say one thing though, there is no way that I’m jumping on a treadmill for the fun of it or running out to lift weights. If I expected myself to do that or do yoga or pilates, I’d never work out. I enjoy martial arts and dancing. So you know what? For exercise I dance and I do Tae Bo. They are both aerobic and both very good for you and it’s good exercise, but it’s also fun. I don’t notice the fact that I’ve been exercising for 30 minutes when I do my Tae Bo or dance stuff. Why? Because it’s actually fun for me. The other fun part is that Josiah enjoys doing it with me so he’s getting a little bit of exercise too.

Another thing that I have to stress on is the fact that although I weigh myself, I don’t put too much stock in the number of pounds I’ve gained or lost, but the number of inches. This is because muscle weighs more than fat. For example, Jimmi has consistently weighed the same for the past month. Here in the past few weeks he’s even gained a pound or two, but the crazy thing is he’s probably lost about 5 or 6 inches around his waist.

This is me Dec. 2007 during our honeymoon. I'm not sure that I'm looking to be this size again (six pregnancies, two deliveries takes a toll on a body), but I'd like to be closer!

This is me Dec. 2007 during our honeymoon. I’m not sure that I’m looking to be this size again (six pregnancies, two deliveries takes a toll on a body), but I’d like to be closer!

When you start losing fat by burning calories during exercising, you replace that with muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. Therefore, while losing inches you may actually be gaining weight.

I took my measurements this afternoon and also weighed myself. I’m going to this every few days and see how things are going. Typically I’d only do this once a week, but I think any slight change will be a good motivator. If I see that I’ve lost an inch or so after a few days of not drinking sodas then I’ll be more motivated to not drink sodas. If I gain an inch or two after drinking sodas for a few days, I’ll probably be less likely to drink them.

Another thing I’ll be doing is putting a drop or two of lemon oil from Young Living Essential Oils in my water every day and also applying it to my abdomen. This will help detox my liver and help clean out the toxins out of my body that have built up and it is also a part of the YL oils weight loss trio (Lemon, Peppermint, and Grapefruit oil — they each do different things to naturally aide with weight loss). *Disclaimer: Young Living Oils are therapeutic grade and are pure and high quality. They are the only oils on the market that you can safely ingest. Click on the link above to read more about it. Also, as with any supplements, the FDA doesn’t regulate or have anything to say about the oils.*

I’ll update once a week or so on how I’m doing. Maybe it will motivate you to subtly change your lifestyle and become healthy with a side of skinny.


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