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Essential oils: I took the plunge

Last week I realized that it was time for me to go back to the doctor to get some more meds for my asthma. That would be over $120 by the time I paid the co-pay and got my two prescriptions. I hate having to pay that much for just me.

A friend of mine had recently added me to The Lemon Drop Lounge, which is for people who use and/or sell Young Living Essential Oils. I’ve seen testimony after testimony of people (real people), including the testimony of my friend about how these oils were really as great as everyone was saying they were. I’m very interested in doing things naturally and cutting out synthetic stuff. I’ll lay miserable with a headache before I’ll take a Tylenol — it’s that bad.oil

I’ve been watching and researching and after discovering that I would pay just as much for a whole kit of oils (the equivalence of the Walgreens pharmacy) as I would my doctor visit and asthma meds.

*Disclaimer: I’m not saying these are miracle workers and like with all supplements and natural remedies, they’re not FDA regulated or monitored or approved. Don’t stop taking your meds because of something I say.*

I talked with people who have been using these oils to manage their asthma, allergies, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, pain, and a whole slew of other issues. Theives, one of Young Living’s blended oils is used as an anti-bacterial and sort of antibiotic to get rid of common illnesses (my friend testifies that it got rid of her daughter’s strep throat).

I decided that with all this testimony it would be money well spent compared to the asthma meds since it would help with my asthma and allergies without me worrying about what I was putting into my body and Samuel’s body. It seems crazy  to just dive into something, but I trusted what these people were saying. I sat by today and anxiously awaited my oils.

Ironically enough, not long after I got the oils and opened them up I started to  have a mild asthma attack (I just get a tight chest and a little wheezy, no hospital-visit quality attacks with my asthma). I rubbed a little bit of Lavender and Frankincense (yes, Frankincense) on my chest and put Lemon oil on the balls of my feet (foot reflexology stuff). I put a blended oil, Peace and Calming, on my chest to help with the anxiety of the attack and I breathed some Peppermint vapors. I instantly started to feel better breathing the peppermint vapors (they help open the airways) and then the other oils started kicking in and within a few minutes there was no tightness and no wheezing. I was so excited.

I applied Peace and Calming and Stress Away, two different blended oils, on Josiah for his hyperactivity. I’ve been concerned that the occupational therapy and behavioral therapy hasn’t been as effective as we’d hoped for curbing his hyperactivity and other issues. Basically, within a few years if he doesn’t get better I have no doubt that he’ll be diagnosed with ADHD. Many people have testified that these oils have kept their kids off the meds (which I refuse to give to my kid). So today I started applying the oils to see if I noticed a change.

We didn’t do anything too out of the ordinary and we weren’t around a bunch of people today (crowds are a trigger) so I don’t know exactly how well it worked, but I did notice that he was a little bit more mellow today. He still ran around the house and acted like a little boy, but he wasn’t as crazy as normal.

A friend of mine dropped by the house to pick something up and he complained of having a stomach ache. Peppermint, from what everyone has said, is good for headaches and stomach aches. He applied a few drops of peppermint right above his bellybutton and within a few minutes his response was, “Wow…my stomach ache is really gone.”

I feel like this is an infomercial, but I’ve only had the oils for a few hours and I’m overly convinced that these oils are an amazing thing for the family and I’ve only scratched the surface of their uses.

For more information about these oils, feel free to contact me or go to I promise you won’t regret looking into this. Like I said, this is something that I am truly amazed by and will continue to use these oils. After all, this isn’t something new, this is something that people have been using for many years before modern medicine and just because it isn’t modern doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

I’ll definitely be sharing more about my experience with these oils as they come. Right now I’m trying to get rid of unsightly red freckles…if it happens I’ll let you know!

*Here is where I say that Young Living Essential oils are considered therapeutic grade. All oils are not created equally. YL oils are 100% SAFE to ingest. Like I said, check out their website to learn more.*


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