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Weight: Every woman’s battle

Samuel will be 3 months old in six days and I’ve been frustrated about my shape (not necessarily weight) for about a month now. Seriously. I’m ready to be back into my regular clothes.

Because I wear my jeans on my hips and not my waist most all my jeans fit me. Some of them fit, but not comfortably and not without the infamous muffin-top. For me, the biggest problem is my shirts. The shirts fit funny because I’m breastfeeding and I’m bustier and due to the recent stretching of skin and extra pounds put on I’m still fluffy in my stomach.wight

Seriously though, it bothers me that after almost 3 months I still don’t feel like my body is like it was before. Fact #1 is that it probably won’t ever be exactly the same as it was before. Fact #2 is that it took me 40 weeks to pack on those pounds and stretch the belly out so how can someone be expected to lose it all in 3 months? I was 140 (and losing) when I got pregnant. I was 180 when I delivered Samuel. That’s a lot of extra weight.

My choice for exercising is a combination of dancing, Tae Bo, and the Wii Fit. Do you know that the Wii Fit, which measures according to national BMI standards, says that I am OBESE?!?! Yes. I am obese. No, I do not believe that I am obese and I believe that the BMI is the biggest load of malarky ever. Most BMI’s don’t take muscle into account and muscle weighs more than fat. I am 5′ 1″ and according to my BMI I should be around 115 pounds. That is ludicrous.

Aside from the exercise which no one wants to do, our family is working on getting back to healthy eating like we started doing before. We’ve gotten back into the habit of drinking sodas and snacking. I am still breastfeeding so I still need extra calories, but it’s difficult changing the I’m-pregnant-and-always-starving eating habit once you’re not pregnant.

Last week on Wednesday we finally made the decision to quit drinking sodas and replace them with V-8 Fusions to give us the little boost of caffeine (caffeine from green tea). I also just ordered my first kit from Young Living Essential oils and we are going to start drinking the NingXia Red, which will also provide the boost of energy (I’ll be talking more about my oils once I get them…)

For now I’m going to focus on exercising, cutting out sodas, cutting out junk food snacking and replacing all of that with healthier options like the V-8 and NingXia Red. Once I’m through breastfeeding I might take it a bit further, but for now I want to see how this low key approach works.




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