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Hands-on Science: Petting zoo

wpid-20140411_110530.jpgJosiah is a hands-on kind of kid. If he can see it, touch it, and manipulate it he will understand it and remember it. This makes homeschooling a little bit more challenging because you have to try and think of some hands on things to do, but at the same time it makes it fun. Who says you can’t have fun doing hands-on school activities with your kids?

Last week my mother-in-law called me and wanted to know what in the world was going on outside of our local tractor supply storewpid-20140411_110311.jpg because there was a large camel walking around outside. Yes. A camel.

We found out it was a petting zoo and that it was only a $1 to get in and $10 for two people to ride the camel. So since Jimmi was off on Friday we packed up (having an infant makes it seem like you have to pack up in order to leave) and headed to the petting zoo. It was really small scale so I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised.

For $1 Josiah got to see and pet a llama, alpaca, yak, zebu, a small camel-like animal, zebra, goats, kangaroo, tortoise and porcupine. He got to feed most of the animals too and loved it. The most exciting part though for him was getting to ride the camel. Jimmi and Josiah rode it while I kept Samuel, but I’ve got to admit having pics of Josiah and Jimmi riding a camel is pretty priceless. How many people can say they rode a camel and pet a porcupine?

So what did Josiah learn?

  • How different animals eat food. For example, the mini-camel thing licks up food and the goats fight over food and the emu pecks ferociously.wpid-20140411_110845.jpg
  • The mini-camel has a very flexible neck.
  • Zebras look and feel like horses and they bite (he didn’t get bit but apparently people have been bitten in the past).
  • Kangaroos (at least little ones) have extremely soft fur.
  • Camels are very uncomfortable to ride on even with a saddle.

It may not seem like much,but that’s more than he knew before and he’ll always remember the feel of the kangaroos fur and the feel of riding a camel. That’s not something he can learn from wpid-20140411_111850.jpga textbook.





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