List of free and affordable Homeschool resources

More websites to help you homeschool without breaking the bank.

Mama's Homeschool Source

1 Homeschooling your kids shouldn’t be expensive. Due to a change in financial circumstances, I don’t have the budget  I spent this school year so I must be frugal. I will be updating this list periodically with free and low cost homeschool resources and stores I find homeschool supplies on the cheap.

Homeschooling resources

1. – Typical course study/ what your child should learn per grade
2. – Free curriculum (Charlotte Mason based)
3. – Free christian based curriculum
4. – Pre-k
5. – Early phonics (pre-k & kinder)
6. – Math
7. – free study units
8. – Biblical worksheets
9. – free printable grammar/ English
10. – science
11. – science , virtual frog dissection
12. – science
13. – free printable
14. – Free printables
15. – Free study units and more

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