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Samuel is 1 month old!

I don’t know where time went, but Samuel is already ONE MONTH OLD!

He's starting to smile when he's awake!

He’s starting to smile when he’s awake!

That means that not only has Samuel been here for one month, but I’ve not been pregnant for one month. It also means that I’ve been staying at home for two months now. I have to say that after two months of being at home I’m still loving it. When I was in school and we had the summer off I nearly went crazy because I was ready to get back. No such

feeling now th0ugh!

I love waking up whenever the kids wake me up (sometimes at 7 a.m. and sometimes they surprise me at 10 a.m.) and I love being able to make Josiah breakfast if he wants me to cook. I love the fact that since Jimmi works second shift that Josiah and Samuel get to wake up to both of their parents every morning. Of course that does mean that they go to bed while Dad is at work. I take pride in the fact that my sole job now is to take care of my house and my family. Now that  my scar is healing nicely and Samuel spends most of his day sitting comfortably attached to me in his sling, I have a chance to do more around the house so I’m starting the process of cleaning every room in the house. Don’t get me wrong, the house has been presentable, but now that I feel like we’re getting into the swing of things I want it clean.

Caught him by surprise!

Caught him by surprise!

*Now to get off that tangent and get back to Samuel…*

At this point Samuel sleeps for a few hours at a time once we get him to actually go to sleep. He’ll trick us by taking these five minute cat naps and as soon as you get him in his bed or in the swing he’s wide awake and screaming again. Once he finally gives up and goes to sleep though he’s nice enough to give me a chance to get some work done without him attached to me. He sleeps really good at night (I think) because he does sleep in bed with me. That means I barely have to wake up in order to feed him and I can tell when he’s about to wake up so it’s easier for both of us to go back to sleep because I’m anticipating his needs.

Speaking of attachment, I honestly don’t remember nursing Josiah as much as Samuel. This chunky boy wants to nurse nearly every hour if I

Dressed for church

Dressed for church

only nurse on one side and every two hours even if I nurse him on both sides. The only time he doesn’t do this is when he’s sleeping good and he’ll actually go about three or four hours.

Josiah still absolutely adores his little brother. He says that Samuel keeps him up at night (when Josiah sleeps in the room with us) and that he doesn’t like it when Samuel starts screaming because I can’t get to him soon enough.

For those that were pessimistic about some of my choices and goals:

  • My house may not be spotless, but I was actually able to keep it presentable.
  • I’ve also managed to make one, sometimes two full meals a day. Sometimes it’s just easier to snack throughout the day and fend for ourselves though.
  • I have done a bit of sewing including making more diaper covers because Samuel was too big for some of the ones I’d made before he was born. I also made a sling (it was too small so a waste of time) and then when that didn’t work I took the sling I had and modified it to fit me.
  • We are still using cloth diapers and I’m not having to do a ton of laundry a day because of it. And no, it doesn’t bother me and no it doesn’t smell (breastfed baby poop doesn’t have a smell like formula baby poop). When we’re going to be in town running around for a few hours or when we go to church I will put a disposable on him just because it’s easier. We haven’t even used one package of disposables so that doesn’t happen very often.
  • I have managed to keep up my blog writing. I may not write every day, but I try to at least every couple of days.
  • Josiah is doing great on his school work. We just added Social Studies to his schooling so now he does Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science.
Cute sleepy boy

Cute sleepy boy

None of the above is meant to fish for compliments about how awesome I am because I’m not. There are days that I feel like I have it all together and accomplish plenty. Then there are nights that I go to bed wondering if I actually did anything during the day besides juggle the needs and I-need-it-now wants of my two boys.  Like I said before, I made that list because I need to see that I’m meeting the goals I’ve set for myself and because part of me wants the negative people to see that it can be done and with a smile!

I am extremely blessed to have my husband and two kids. I’m thankful that I have a healthy 4 1/2 year old (and sad that he’ll be 5 in June) and I’m thankful that after all of this time of praying and waiting I have a healthy 1 month old. There’s no where else that I’d rather be than at home watching my two boys grow up and although I may be stressed sometimes but I wouldn’t give away these last two months and the many months to come for the world.


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