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Pizza rolls: Induldge in a healthier guilty pleasure

Don’t judge me, but honestly, one of my most favorite (and unhealthy) comfort meals ever is pepperoni pizza rolls and cheese dip. Yes. Together. As in I dip my pizza rolls into my Velveeta and Rotel cheese dip.

Why? Well, it’s pretty much my Dad’s fault. He loves them too. My sister, sadly, is like the prodigal son and chooses to dip hers in ranch (yuck). Anyway…back to the point.wpid-20140121_130632.jpg

I can’t remember if the pizza rolls have MSGs in them, but of course they are high in salt and have high fructose corn syrup, gluten, and who knows what else in them. So, pretty much I’ve figured out how to make them myself and make them (a little bit) more healthy. Basically, I make a pizza crust (the one’s pictured are not gluten-free, but it’s pretty much the same concept) and then I roll it out really thin like a tortilla. I make sure that it’s in more of a square shape for the purpose of rolling it up, but honestly it doesn’t matter.

wpid-20140121_130544.jpgThen I put pizza sauce and my toppings…well insides…on it. My favorite is pepperoni, hamburger, and cheese. I put all the ingredients in and then I wrap it up like a burrito. You can make these as big or small as you like. A lot of times mine will end up looking like XXL pizza rolls…more like the size of a pizza pocket. Then I just bake it according to the pizza crust directions.

Pizza rolls are fried and then frozen for you to bake so these will taste different (unless you want to fry them, which I didn’t). I haven’t tried dipping these in my cheese dip yet, but I may have to try it eventually.

They are a little bit more timely to make than a couple of medium-size or personal pan pizzas, but the nice thing is that they can go into ziploc bags pretty easily. You can label and freeze them for future use. Basically it’s like having any other kind of frozen meal, you just pop it in the oven for 10 minutes and it’s done. Normally one pizza crust recipe will get me about 10-15 decent size pizza rolls. I would normally eat about three or four at a time so you can have two or three quick meals for yourself throughout the week. Or you could be like me and hugely pregnant and just snack on the pizza rolls all day and have nothing to freeze and save (true story…)

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