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Gluten Free Eggo waffles

Aside from posting recipes and talking about my family life, one of the goals of this site was to test out gluten-free products and let people know what I thought.wpid-20140117_101539.jpg

After all, when you’re avoiding gluten it’s nice to know that you have some alternatives to the foods that you already eat. For a lot of people, the cruddy part about trying to go gluten-free is that it pretty much eliminates the majority of “on the go” foods such as frozen waffles or Eggos (which I LOVE by the way). Last week while at Kroger I found gluten-free frozen waffles so I figured I’d give them a try since they were two boxes for $4.

They look like Eggos, you can tell the texture is slightly different when you look at them, but I toasted them in my toaster oven the same way I do Eggos. I gave one to Josiah with our Log Cabin All Natural Table Syrup (no high fructose corn syrup and it’s good!) — I put butter and syrup on mine.

The texture and taste wasn’t bad at all. Mine was VERY sweet because of the butter and syrup. I think it only tasted different because the waffles have fruit juice in them making them a bit sweeter than regular Eggos. I think they’ll taste great without the butter.

wpid-20140117_102217.jpgOverall, Josiah was pleased with the waffles so that’s always a plus and I thought they were pretty good too. I’m sure they won’t be an all the time buy since I’m staying at home and can make pancakes, but it’s nice to have something quick and easy at my disposal with me getting ready to be taking care of a newborn. I know there are going to be those days when I don’t want to do much cooking at all.

If you’ve got one nearby, go check out Kroger. They’ve got a whole line of gluten-free and organic stuff  (Simple truth) and honestly, for the most part the prices aren’t too bad. Of course you’re going to pay a little bit more for GF and organic no matter where you go, but you can always go to their website if you have a Kroger card and they have coupons for their GF and organic products! (No I do not work for or receive compensation for advertising for Kroger…lol…I just know they have more of that stuff than Walmart. Walmart is doing a better job of carrying that stuff though.)


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