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24 days to go…

Yep. That’s where I am. No longer am I referring to my pregnancy in weeks, but in days (for those wondering I’m three days away from 37 weeks).

I went to the doctor yesterday and I’m not at the place where I’m going every week. The funny thing is I was more excited about my appointments in the beginning because it felt like we were accomplishing something while I was there.

A few days shy of 37 weeks...

A few days shy of 37 weeks…

At my appointment yesterday, aside from checking my weight (I gained one pound in the past 10 days, woo hoo) and my blood pressure to make sure I don’t have preeclampsia, the doctor swabbed me to make sure I’m not a carrier of strep B and also checked to make sure I wasn’t dilating. A normal woman would be hoping that her body was showing signs of getting ready to delivery, but thankfully despite the contractions I’ve been having — I’m not dilated at all. The goal is to make it to my scheduled c-section date so they don’t have to do an “emergency” c-section if I go into labor. Of course I was only dilated to one and wasn’t having any contractions when my water broke with Josiah. So who knows what will happen.

Aside from the swelling in my hands that I’ve had since about 20 weeks, I’ve not had much issue with that. My heartburn is actually better than it was, but I think that’s because Samuel has dropped several inches giving my internal organs a break. The down side to that is that Samuel’s head is resting right on my bladder and causing A LOT of pressure constantly. Yesterday my doctor told me that Samuel’s head was really really low and that I must be feeling a lot of pressure and urge to pee a lot.

Uh, yeah. Duh.

Kind of ironic since it’s my first week staying home full-time, but exhaustion has hit full force once again. I’m napping 2-3 hours a day and I’m actually waking up around 9:30 a.m. instead of my normal 7:30-8:30 a.m. (I’ve always gotten up that early even without an alarm).

Samuel’s room is done and his bag is packed and ready for the hospital and I plan to install his car seat sometime this week. The thought crossed my mind yesterday that I should start planning what I’m going to pack for myself and start gathering and packing the non-daily essentials just in case Samuel gets impatient and decides to come before my scheduled c-section Feb. 11.

I’m making sure I take the time to cherish the few days I have left being pregnant and feeling little Samuel shift around inside of me, but I think the whole family is getting antsy and is ready for Samuel to make his appearance. Josiah asks me daily if Samuel is ready to come out. He frequently tells me that he’s ready for Samuel to be here so he can be the big brother.

I keep telling him just a few more weeks…we’ve tried our best to prepare him for this big life change, but I don’t think anyone is ever 100 percent ready for a new person, especially one as demanding as a baby, being in the house.

As tired as I’ll be the few weeks (uh…months, years) after delivery, I’ll be ready to post a few precious pictures of Josiah with his little brother, Samuel.


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