35 weeks and counting down…

Wow…I’m a little baffled. In five short weeks Samuel will be here.

There have been moments (the week before both ultrasounds and the several weeks I was nauseous) where it seemed like the pregnancy was dragging on forever, but now it’s like I’m pretty much done and out of time. Give me another three weeks and I’ll probably be saying that this is taking forever.

At this point everything is looking good. Samuel’s head is down and he’s dropped — that’s definitely a good thing, but it’s not a huge deal because I’m having a c-section so I wasn’t worried either way. The doc says that it’s still much easier if his head is down though so yay Samuel.

35 weeks...I'm bigger now than I was at 35 weeks with Josiah.

35 weeks…I’m bigger now than I was at 35 weeks with Josiah.

Heartburn and fatigue at this point is my #1 enemy…oh that and the itching and constant “gotta go” feeling and the fact that I can barely roll out of bed or get out of my chair or sleep through the night. OK, so I guess I’m having more issues than I thought.  The fatigue is getting slightly better because I’m drinking my chlorophyll water regularly (chlorophyll helps with anemia so I’m drinking that instead of taking iron pills — I’ll probably talk a little bit about that more later). As long as I drink it I don’t feel nearly as tired, but I’m still tired quite a bit.

The darn back pain and braxton hicks contractions are getting more frequent. I’ve been having braxton hicks since about 20 weeks, but they’ve started getting worse and I’ve started waking up with back pain and slightly painful contractions. They’re not consistent, but they’re uncomfortable and I’ve been taking lots of hot baths to help relieve the achiness. The doctor checked me the other day to make sure I wasn’t at risk for preterm labor (which I’m not), but I don’t think I’m going to make it to my scheduled c-section date of Feb. 11. Josiah came at exactly 38 weeks after he gave me a swift kick and my water broke.

I’ve been hoping and praying that happy thoughts would keep Samuel in there until the c-section date, but with braxton hicks getting more regular and me having slightly painful — well more irritating and noticeable contractions lately I’m not so sure.

I’ve made all of my cloth diapers, wipes, diaper covers and nursing pads that I’ll need and the diaper bag (that I made) is packed and ready with all of Samuel’s necessities. Samuel’s room is still not ready, but we have most everything we need to fill it. I’m not too worried about his room because the first several weeks he’ll be sleeping in his Pack ‘n’ play bassinet by my bed. Between having major surgery and breastfeeding, it’s much easier to have him right there beside me instead of in the other room.

Friday is my last day at the newspaper and I couldn’t be more ready.  I’m ready to just be at home and be able to focus on getting stuff done because trying to work 40 hours and fulfill my nesting needs is exhausting. I’m also ready to start Josiah’s schooling. I want to get him in a good place before Samuel gets here so that way taking a few weeks off won’t be such a big deal. I honestly don’t know how much he’s learned at preschool within the past several months because of all of his issues.

Despite the heartburn, fatigue, back pain and all the other not-so-fun pregnancy ailments, I’m trying to enjoy it while I can. I remember that it was really weird going from spending almost a year being pregnant and there being a life inside of me to all of the sudden just being me again…However, I do have to say that I ready to get back to my heavier exercising and getting back into shape. Right before I got pregnant I was doing so good and working hard on getting into shape…my goal is to work on it as soon as I recover from surgery.

Five more weeks…wow. Still a mixture of emotions when I think about it…


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