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28 weeks: Welcome to the 3rd trimester!

I went to the doctor Wednesday for my 28 week check-up and I have to admit it’s a bit unreal.

There are times when I sit there and think, “Wow, this is really happening — I’m really having another baby.” It’s sad, but we spend three years trying and lost four babies

28 1/2 weeks...I still don't like selfies, but hey...whatever.

28 1/2 weeks…I still don’t like selfies, but hey…whatever.

after Josiah. We were at the point where we figured we were done. I guess after all that time of convincing myself we’d be fine with just one the very obvious fact that we’re about to have TWO boys is still a bit unreal.

Not only is it a bit unreal that we’re having a baby, the reality that in less that 12 WEEKS Samuel will be here. Where did the time go? It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was praying for the first trimester to be over and praying that I’d hear the baby’s heartbeat at 16 weeks.

So the doctor’s appointment went good. I had to do the glucose test and I’m fervently praying that I don’t have to take the three hour test. Apparently my losing weight in t

he first trimester didn’t affect anything because I’ve gained 28 pounds since my first weigh in at the doctor at 6 weeks. Honestly, I’m not sure where it’s all gone because I don’t feel like I’ve gained that much. I only gained 25 pounds with Josiah and I looked A LOT bigger when he was delivered than I do now. Scary enough, women typically gain 11 more pounds in this last trimester — crap I’m going to be huge.

Samuel’s heartbeat was 147 and he was more cooperative about having his heart beat taken this time. It’s always been fascinating to me that Samuel debunks the old wives tale that says if the heartbeat is over 142 it’s a girl (Samuel’s has always been over that). If Samuel is anything like Josiah he’ll go out of his way to be the exception to the rule. Of course, aside from that he’ll probably be nothing like Josiah.

At this point Samuel is not wiggling all over the place he’s forcefully banging around in utero. My heartburn is so bad that I can wake up and get heartburn from drinking a glass a water. The other day I ate six Tums and finally sucked it up and drank 1/2 cup of water with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in it. Gross, but it worked.

This is me at I think 36 weeks with Josiah...I still don't think I'm quite this despite my weight gain.

This is me at I think 36 weeks with Josiah…I still don’t think I’m quite this despite my weight gain.

Also, as is common, I’m super hunger constantly, craving stuff, I’m tired, and my back hurts. Not just my back, but down into my hips and my legs.

My brain is still trying to wrap itself around the things that are happening in the next few months. Thanksgiving is next week, as soon as that’s over it’s get ready for Christmas. As soon as Christmas is over I only have a few weeks before Samuel gets here. Not only that, but there are a few other changes in the works that I’m not quite ready to publicize yet (crazy I know…me have a secret…OK, so those few closest to me already know, but still…lol). There’s a lot of stuff going on and there’s not really a lot of breathing room in between.

I have a list of things that I need to buy before Samuel gets here and I need to prep my mind (as much as I can) for C-section #2 (there will be another post on the reason for that). I don’t know that my mind is quite ready for a major surgery and the recovery on top of new baby and 4-year-old.

Despite the fact that my hip is hurting and my throat is burning and Samuel is sitting lopsided on my right side, I am happy that I have a reason to complain about these things. In a few short weeks, all of the aches and pains of pregnancy will be gone and things will go back to a new normal with the four of us. When I had Josiah I never dreamed that we would struggle the way we have to bring another baby into this world. This time around, I’m trying to cherish (with a small amount of complaining from hour to hour) the time I have because only God knows if I’ll experience this again.


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