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24 week update

Since finding out at our 20 week appointment that we were expecting another awesome boy, I’ve not paid much attention to how this pregnancy is flying by.

I (of course) have three apps that give me weekly updates about what Samuel looks like this week and what’s going on with his growth and my growth, but it doesn’t seem like it’s already been a month since I hit that monumental halfway point.

24-weeks-pregnant-better-than-ever-e1357199859883My blood pressure is excellent, which is always something I pay attention to because high blood pressure runs  on my Dad’s side of the family (balanced out by the low blood pressure on my Mom’s side). Samuel’s moving great and his heartbeat is at 160. Of course it took the nurse a minute to get him to be still long enough to measure his heartbeat. Every time she’d get the heartbeat he’d move before she could measure it.

The doctor encouraged us to sign Josiah up for the sibling class at the hospital to prepare him for Samuel’s arrival. It’s a free class so we will probably do it. Why not? Something I’m not looking forward to is the nasty orange drink (pretty much 100% sugar) I’ve received that I have to drink 30 minutes before my next appointment.

The glucose test. Yuck. Basically, I eat a small breakfast, down the sugar water in under five minutes and then head off to the doctor to have my blood drawn. This checks to see if I have gestational diabetes. The cruddy thing about this glucose test is that it comes back positive about 50% of the time so you have to do the three hour test. The three hour test is torture because you cannot eat when you wake up and you have to drink a more concentrated sugar water. Then you sit at the doctor and have your blood drawn once an hour for three hours.

With Josiah I had to do the three hour test and I nearly passed out and/or vomited before it was over with. I do not do well with blood

I still hate the self-pic, but it's better than asking Jimmi to take my pic 10 times until I'm satisfied.

I still hate the self-pic, but it’s better than asking Jimmi to take my pic 10 times until I’m satisfied.

draws when I haven’t eaten. I’m going to pray that this time I don’t have to do the three hour test.

There are so many things that still have to be done before Samuel gets here and it’s creeping up too fast. I’m working to pay my doctor bill because it has to be paid before delivery. I’m trying to get diapers and covers made — I’ve got 10 covers and 13 diapers/pre-folds, but I definitely want more so I’m not doing laundry daily. Then there’s the process of cleaning up Samuel’s room and getting it put together.

Up until two months ago the bedroom belonged to Josiah and there’s still some things that need to be moved out before I can get the room looking like a baby’s room.

Honestly though, I’m so excited that these are the kinds of things that are on my to-do list. Seven months ago I wasn’t even sure I was going to be thinking about this kind of stuff. Even after feeling wiggles at 14 weeks, all the way to the rolls, kicks and punches I’m feeling now at 24 weeks, I’m still thrilled every time I get to feel Samuel move.

Yes I’m tired. Yes I have heartburn and braxton hicks contractions daily, but despite the discomfort, I’m very thankful to be where I am.


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