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What’s in a name?

Naming a baby comes easy for some couples. They’ve got names picked out for a boy and a girl as soon as the stick is positive. Some couples struggle with naming their baby — leaving poor baby nameless for a day or so at the

Jimmi and I are the first couple. When we got pregnant with Josiah, it didn’t take long to get names picked. When we got pregnant this time, we had a boy name picked out the day the test was positive — a girl name took A LOT longer to decide on…that should have been a clue.

Naming a baby is pretty important. That’s what people are going to be calling them for the rest of their lives (in most cases) so it better be good. People have many different methods for choosing baby names. Some use family names, bible names, names that reflect their heritage, etc…some people just like a name and use it.

In Jimmi’s family, ALL of the first born males have the initials J.E.S. Jimmi, his dad, two brothers and two nephews all had these initials. So we knew if we had a boy the initials were going to be JES. This didn’t bother me and didn’t become a problem until we started searching for names. Jimmi didn’t want to have a Jr. and use the name James. The names John, Jacob, Joel, and Jonathan had already been used so finding a first name that we liked that started with an ‘J’ became tricky.

So at that point I turned to my Bible. I didn’t just scroll the internet for Bible names, I wanted to know about the stories about the men that had names that started with ‘J’. I also prefer uncommon or unique names. No, I did NOT want to name our son Joshua. I came upon the name Josiah. It was unique, not very common, and the man behind the name was extraordinary. Josiah became king of a nation before he was finished going through puberty. A strong name for a boy that I am sure is going to grow up to be an extraordinary man.

Josiah’s middle name is just a random middle name that started with an ‘E’ that we liked.  It is unique, but other than that it held no sentimental meaning.

Now with this new little boy we’re having, the story is just as special. In the weeks before I found out I was pregnant with this little one, I’d been reading about Hannah in the Bible (1 Samuel). This poor woman was married to a man and couldn’t have any children, however, the man’s other wife had lots of babies and (paraphrasing of course) she rubbed it in Hannah’s face. Hannah eventually pleads before God to give her a child and promises that she will return that child to Him.

Sure enough, Hannah becomes pregnant and gives birth to a son — Samuel. Once he was weaned, she took him to the temple and literally gave him to God. She left Samuel in the hands of the priest to be raised knowing all the ways of God.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant — I knew that this was my Samuel — the baby that I had been desperately praying for. So we didn’t really pick Samuel’s name it kind of picked us.

The middle name has always been picked out for our second son. We knew that Josiah’s middle name was set because of Jimmi’s family tradition, but the middle name of our second son would be set by my own family’s tradition.

My Granddad’s name was Gary Clifford — Clifford was his father’s name. My Dad’s middle name is Gary after my Granddad. If my Dad would have had a boy, the son would have had his first name as a middle name. Of course, my Dad had two girls. Despite the fact that it skipped a generation, we decided to carry on that tradition so Samuel’s middle name is my Dad’s first name.

Now that we know our baby is not just a baby, but he is Samuel, it makes it so much easier to see who he is and get even more attached to him. I can already envision what he might look like and act like (even though he may or may not be like that). Honestly, it just becomes more and more real every day.

We aren’t just looking at the prospect of going from a three-person family to a four-person family — we are expanding! In just a few short months there will be another little boy living in this house and honestly that terrifies me and excites me at the same time! It’s not just Jimmi, Josiah, and me anymore. It’s going to be Jimmi, Josiah, Samuel, and me. What an exciting change that is going to be!


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