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Boy or girl?


Not a big fan of the self portrait, but I figured I’d post a belly pic. 19 weeks and counting!

So the time has finally come…In FIVE days we will find out if I’m carrying a little boy or a little girl.

There has been much controversy throughout our family about whether this baby is a boy or girl. Many people have gone back and forth saying that in the beginning they thought the baby was a boy, but now they think it’s a girl or vice versa.

Josiah started off saying that the baby was a boy because he wanted a brother, but how he says although he wants a brother, he thinks it’s a girl. Of course, my mom said that’s because we spent so much time telling him it might be a girl, not a boy — he’s just flipped his thoughts around.

My husband is convinced this baby is a girl. I’m not so sure if he really believes it’s probably a girl or if he just REALLY wants it to be a girl. My step-mom keeps saying she thinks it’s a girl, but since she had two boys (my parents didn’t get married until me and my sister were out of the cute girly stuff as little kids), she’s got a bit of wishful thinking going on too.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I automatically said I thought it was a boy. Now that I’m almost halfway through with my pregnancy, I have to say I’m not so sure. I’ve said the whole time that I want a boy. The thing is, I already have one boy and although he is extremely energetic and hard-headed, having a boy is fun. Giving Josiah a little brother to play with would be a great thing.

I’ve really been a bit anti-girl — not that I don’t want a daughter, I’m just not the girly person that gets giddy of dressing up a little girl. I’m not a huge fan of the head-sized bows or frilly dresses. There’s nothing wrong with women/girls that like them I’m just not one of them.

I grew up playing guitar and taking/teaching jiujitsu (If I’d take the silly test I’d be a 3rd degree black belt). I grew up working in the haunted house with my Dad. I hunted and skinned deer with my Mom and step-dad…I fished too, but I’m not a big fan of that. It’s not that any of the above things are things that girls can’t/shouldn’t do, it just depicts how I grew up not being attuned to the girlie things of life.

My reservations about having a girl aren’t necessarily about me not wanting a daughter, but about me not wanting to live up to the unspoken ideas about what little girls should do/dress like. I think a little girl can look quite adorable without having pierced ears at 4 weeks old with a giant bow and a big frilly dress. Once again, is it wrong for a little girl to look like that? No. It’s just not me.

If I have a little boy, I will be excited for all of the adventures I’ll be able to have with another boy. If I have a little girl, I’ll be excited about the new adventures I’ll be able to have with a daughter. Either way, I’m having a healthy baby and that is ALL that matters to me. I will not be any more or less excited whether I have a girl or boy.

Now, to get to the guessing.

Here are my symptoms and what different websites predict about the gender of the baby:

  • The Chinese Birth Chart says boy
  • If you sleep mostly on your left side, you’re having a boy — according to this I’m having a girl.
  • I had A LOT of morning sickness and it lasted a lot longer than my other pregnancy — girl.
  • Craving citrus and sweets means it’s a girl. Crave salty stuff and it’s a boy — I crave both so this is no help.
  • My face is fuller and I’ve been moody — girl.
  • I’m carrying low — boy.
  • says I’m having a boy.
  • I crave a lot of Mexican food (I did with Josiah too).
  • I’ve slept more and cried more during this pregnancy than my pregnancy with Josiah.
  • Yes, I have the beautiful linea negra…I did with Josiah too.
  • I’ve had tons of acne breakouts, which I didn’t with Josiah.
  • At our last appointment, baby’s heartbeat was 142 — girl.

I can’t think of any more “gender predicting” symptoms right now…So what do you think?

Do you believe the Chinese Birth Chart or the speed of baby’s heartbeat?

You’ve got five days to guess! I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!



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