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Gluten-free pancakes

I really love pancakes. The sad thing is, I can’t make pancakes to save my life. They always turn out runny in the middle or burnt on the outside or way too thick/thin. I have a waffle maker because I can’t make pancakes — it’s not quite the same, but it works.pancake mix

When my Dad and the rest of us decided to go gluten free, pancakes was one of the first things we figured out how to make without gluten because we loved them so much. I have found a few recipes that weren’t so bad and I have found a few recipes that I’d rather not try again, but hey, that’s the life of cooking healthy and gluten-free I think.

I’ve also tried the Bob’s Mills Pancake mix, which is also an all-purpose gluten-free flour. It was OK, but I wasn’t a big fan of it. I’m not sure if it was because I stink at making pancakes or it just wasn’t really good.

The other mix I’ve found that is really good is Pamela’s Gluten-free pancake mix (I bought it at Kroger). It is really good. Of course the first time I made it they didn’t turn out well, but my Dad has made them and they were awesome. They weren’t grainy or hard like some gluten-free bread products can be sometimes and it wasn’t gummy either. These pancakes tasted like regular pancakes, you’d never know that they were gluten-free. The only ingredients were water and eggs so it doesn’t require any more add-ins than most other boxed pancake mixes.

log cabinThe only thing that was really cruddy about the gluten-free pancakes is that it was hard to justify eating gluten-free pancakes with high-fructose-filled pancake syrup. I initially bought a bottle of the organic maple syrup, which is about $8 for a small bottle. I thought it was really sweet, but it was OK. Jimmi didn’t like it at all. The first few times we had gluten-free pancakes/waffles, he just opted to put the high fructose-filled syrup on it he was used to.

Then I discovered the all-natural table syrup. This is cheaper than maple syrup (it’s about $4-5) and it is more like the old syrup we were used to. Jimmi actually liked this syrup better than his high-fructose-filled syrup. This is what I buy now. The only thing I don’t care for is the fact that the syrup has to be refrigerated. You see, we were not one of those families that put our syrup in the fridge like some families, so the idea of using cold syrup is kind of crummy, but this is a minor adjustment that we can work with.

Well, now that I’ve successfully made myself crave pancakes, I think I’m going to find something for breakfast.

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