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Expect the unexpected when you’re expecting

Most of us women have this fairytale idea of what’s going to happen when we get pregnant. We are prepared for the stereotypical symptoms of frequent urination, backache, morning sickness, and maybe even a little moodiness. Oh yeah, don’t forget the cravings. What most of us don’t know about are all the other crazy and sometimes not-so-appealing symptoms/side effects of pregnancy. Before I continue, I’d like you to watch this funny video about what pregnancy is really like. This is an excerpt from What to Expect When You’re Expecting:

I thought this video was hilarious. Something that I’m sure she conveys very much is that most women are happy that they’re having a baby, but that doesn’t erase the aches and pains and issues that come with pregnancy. When you complain about paying the mortgage, that doesn’t mean you’re not happy you have a house — it’s just an unwanted side effect.

She included some of these problems, but here’s a list of things that I didn’t know would happen during pregnancy until I got pregnant (and googled it to make sure it was “normal”):

  • Extreme hormone imbalance — I knew that I’d have a few mood swings, but I never imagined that not being able to find my flip flops would cause me to turn into a monster or that dinner being late would cause me to weep.
  • Nasal congestion — Seriously?! I have enough allergies that stop me up without having this as a pregnancy symptom too. I spent three or four days last week completely stopped up and I’ve spent a week with sinus drainage and a scratchy throat. Allergies or pregnancy? Who knows.
  • Excess gas — The same progesterone that causes heartburn and indigestion because of slowed digestion also causes a lot of gas. I’ve experienced this on and off and this is not one of those symptoms to brag about.
  • Excess saliva and that metal taste in your mouth — In my first trimester, I swear I was more sick because I had so much spit in my mouth than I was because of any food I ate. It’s gotten better for me, but there’s also that weird metal taste or other funky taste in your mouth. Why does that happen? I don’t know. It’s weird though.
  • Charlie horses — Holy cow…or holy horse maybe? That first time I got a charlie horse when I was pregnant with Josiah I about died. Throughout the entire half of my last pregnancy I had charlie horses almost nightly and they’re terrible! I got to where I could feel it coming and adjust myself before it hit. When it did hit, all I could do was rub the mess out of it and hope it went away.
  • Swollen or “spreading” nose — Towards the end of my last pregnancy, my nose spread and got a lot wider than normal. It was crazy and I didn’t know what in the world was
    Linea nigra dark midline streak on a 22 weeks ...

    Linea nigra dark midline streak on a 22 weeks pregnant female. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    going on, but it was noticeable. With this pregnancy I’ve already started to notice it a little bit.

  • Linea Negra — Ah, that wonderful brown line from pubic bone all the way up the belly. When I saw the brown line creeping up to my belly button from my pubic bone I wasn’t sure what that was. Apparently it’s normal, but it’s not very common for light-skin women such as myself to get one so dark. Mine was quite noticeable by the end of my first pregnancy and I’ve already got the faint line showing up now.
  • Backacne
  • Sneezing or coughing and peeing on yourself in the process (do some kegal exercises)

There are sooo many more of these crazy symptoms and you may have one of them or none of them or all of them — either way, it’s always odd when you do experience it. My new motto is expect the unexpected when you’re expecting. With pregnancy, you never know what symptoms you’re going to get.


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