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Tuna steaks

I’ve always loved tuna sandwiches, but I’d never tried making tuna steaks. Over the past year or two our family has slowly evolved into a more healthy eating family so when I saw the tuna steaks at Sam’s Club, I decided to try something different.IMG_3060

I googled how to cook tuna steaks and everything I read said that tuna steaks are best when fried for a minute or two on each side — tuna steaks are best eaten when rare or medium rare. This posed as a problem for me because I want my food COOKED. My husband laughs when I take my phone and shine it on the middle of my hamburger to make sure there’s no pink left. I actually like my steaks and burgers a little on the well, crisp around the edges side.

So eating half raw tuna was not what I had in mind, but since I was trying something new, I figured I’d trust google.

I found a lemon herb marinade recipe online and even used fresh lemon to make it. I cooked our tuna steaks and was ready for dinner. Josiah was eating something else because we weren’t even sure if we’d like the tuna. Besides, have you ever priced tuna steaks? They’re not cheap.

I have to say, the tuna steaks were horrible.  I don’t know if it was the marinade or the softness of the inside of the raw tuna or what, but I didn’t really like it. I was hungry and not sure what else to do so I did what any other sensible American would do — I dumped a ton of A1 sauce on it and had a little tuna with my A1. It helped me choke it down so at least I wasn’t starving.

About a month later, we still had the other two tuna steaks and I decided to give it one more try. This time I said forget google and forget lemon marinade. I sprinkled some seasoning on it and cooked the steaks for about 5-7 minutes on each side. Basically, long enough for them to be crisp around the edges. Google said not to do that because it’d make the tuna dry, but it was worth a shot.

The results? We loved it. The tuna was not dry and the flavor was great — it was softer and easier to pull apart than chicken. I used a little bit of A1, but not hardly any at all because it was so good. I will definitely buy tuna again when the budget calls for it and after the baby is born (eating raw food is not good during pregnancy and at its longest cook time the tuna steaks were medium-well-well with a little pink inside).

I think the moral of this story is it’s OK and even great to try something new. If you don’t quite like it the way it was cooked the first time, try it a different way. Like in this case, the cook time and the seasoning dramatically affected the way the steak tasted.


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