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Save money and not do without

Our family is not rich — I work at a small daily newspaper and Jimmi works at a poptart factory. Grant it, we have adiritwo cars, a house, and we never go hungry. We’re not wealthy, but we have everything we need and quite a bit of what we want.

The trick is, I find ways to buy what we want at a bargain so that we have the stuff we want, but we don’t break the bank in the process. When you have kids, this can be difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible. There are ways though.

My #1 way of saving money when it comes to Josiah (and this new baby) is shopping at Rhea Lana — one of the largest

consignment sales in Arkansas (that I know of). Moms from all over consign there gently used items — everything you’d need from conception to the Junior years. The sale

goes for nearly a week and the last few days, they have the half-off sale. So the things that were cheap at the beginning of the week are even cheaper then.

The clothes and items at this sale have no smells, there’s no holes, everything is in excellent condition. You can buy everything you need for pregnancy, games, toys, books and the list goes on. I found a carseat (they check for damage, expiration and recalls) for $20!!!

Here’s a list of what I’ve bought so far this week:

This is a small inflatable baby bath tub. Why have a big baby tub to fill when they're not going to be in it for very long? $3

This is a small inflatable baby bath tub. Why have a big baby tub to fill when they’re not going to be in it for very long? $3

  • Josiah got 9 shirts, 3 pairs of jeans, a jacket, hoodie, sweater vest, a pair of converses and another pair of shoes and the game Chutes and Ladders.
  • I got 2 pairs of maternity dress pants, 2 pairs of maternity jeans, a denim jacket, a gray sweater jacket, seven maternity shirts and two nursing bras and washable nursing pads.
  • The baby got an inflatable baby tub, a car seat and base, baby monitors, nursing pillow, nursing cover,  SevenSling baby sling (retail $40), 5 Breastflow bottles (retail $20), and Adiri nurser bottle (retail $10).

Total cost: $158

My $5 car seat. The base was sold separately for $5, but I accidentally bought one that didn't fit...oh well, I'll just find someone that needs it.

My $5 car seat. The base was sold separately for $5, but I accidentally bought one that didn’t fit…oh well, I’ll just find someone that needs it.

The carseat and base were bought at the half price sale for $10!!! I got nursing bras for $3, nursing pillow for $3 and the savings go on…The $10 for the carseat and base and the $5 for the baby monitors were the most I spent at the half price sale.

Rhea Lana does a spring and fall consignment sale so you can get everything you need for fall and winter at one and everything you need for spring and summer at the other one.

I first went to Rhea Lana when Josiah was 1-month-old and I’ve bought his clothes there every since. Let me tell you, even his preschool teacher has said he’s one of the best dressed boys there.

This sale is saving me a lot of money with this new baby considering the fact that the ONLY baby item we have left from Josiah is the bed. We’re starting completely over and it’s kind of intimidating financially, but Rhea Lana releases a lot of that burden.

Rhea Lana only comes twice a year, but you know my other favorite way to save money for this kind of stuff — YARD SALES. You do have to be more selective and I wouldn’t buy a car seat or bed at a yard sale, but clothes and other baby stuff I do and I can get killer deals. The Highway 64 Galore Yard Sale is this weekend and there will be yard sales on Highway 64 from the city where I used to live all the way to Oklahoma — yeah, it’s that big.

breastflowI’ll be stocking up my baby room this weekend, that’s for sure.


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