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Product review: Soy flour

Since we’ve been trying so many new recipes, we’ve had to experiment with different types of flour. Honestly, I can’t tell you which flour is best for which recipe because I pretty much just guess. The best flours health wise I know are almond flour and garbanzo flour (I’m sure there’s others). These two flours are also more expensive so right now my budget has demanded that I buy rice flour. I’ve also bought sorghum flour to add a different flour to the mix.

One of the other cheaper flours is soy flour. I’ve never eaten most of these so I figured I’d give it a

When Josiah was a baby I exclusively nursed him for the first several months and then eventually supplemented with formula while I worked. Regular formula upset his stomach (I guess it was really harsh compared to breast milk) so he drank soy formula. It stank, really bad. I hated smelling the soy formula. Why I didn’t remember this when I bought the soy flour I don’t know.

The first time I used the soy flour was to make waffles. I’d run out of the rice flour so I made one of the waffles with soy. Josiah didn’t mind the soy (probably reminded him of his bottle days), but Jimmi and I didn’t like it. We didn’t care for the texture or the flavor. I wasn’t going to entirely give up on soy though so I gave it one more shot.

The last time I tried the soy was when I was making black bean burgers. It called for flour to get it to the patty consistency, but I (once again) ran out of rice flour so I thought I’d use the soy. IT WAS AWFUL!! The taste was disgusting. I couldn’t taste the black beans because the soy flavor was SOOO overbearing!

I’m sure some people probably like the taste of soy, but this family is giving soy flour a big fat F for failure and bad flavor.

— Erica


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