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Our happy (God planned) accident


My big fat positive!

Since you’ve already seen the photo, I’ll just go ahead and save you from the suspense — YES. We’re having a BABY!!

For those of you that know me, my history isn’t a surprise, but for those that don’t know me I’ll give the abridged version. When Josiah (my 4 year old) was a year old, I got pregnant. I lost that baby very early on and since then I’ve lost three more (a total of 4). The first three were at 4 or 5 weeks and the fourth one was a blighted ovum, which is a one time occurrence that was different than the others. When I got pregnant the fourth time, the doctor felt that my problem might be a progesterone deficiency (one of the important pregnancy hormones). So he put me on progesterone. It didn’t work because of the nature of the pregnancy, but the doctor said that everything should be fine the next time. At that point I doubted there’d be a “next time”. Sometimes you can only take so much heartache.

Now to the present.

On June 8, I noticed that I’d taken a nap (very odd for me) and that I was really emotional. The next day (my mom’s and my brother’s birthday) I decided to take a test as a way of humoring myself. I didn’t actually believe I was pregnant. So I took a test in the middle of the day on the day I was supposed to have my period and BAM there was a big fat obvious plus sign. I was shocked.

I’m now at almost 8 weeks and if fatigue and morning sickness is any indication things are going excellent. I know most women who are in my situation wait until about 13 weeks to tell people, but if you’ve seen me lately it’s getting a little hard to hide (my body remembers the drill). Not only that, but since ALL of my miscarriages happened before the 6 week mark, I feel very confident that everything is going to be fine.

My confidence is not solely due to the doctor prescribing me progesterone. My confidence is in the amount of prayer that those closest to me have lifted up for this baby. I have felt a growing sense of peace since that first week of my pregnancy. I know that no matter what happens, God is in control and everything will be OK.

I’ve prayed and prayed and struggled with not being able to have a baby. I’ve lived through the physical and emotional pain of miscarriage multiple times. This spring we’d finally said enough and decided to adopt (we still want to do that eventually). That’s why I went on birth control this spring. We’d come to terms with God’s will for our lives and I was OK with not having another baby. At the end of April though I felt like God was telling me it was OK to go off the birth control. I hated it to begin with and I thought it was pointless (not to mention I gained a lot of weight). What I didn’t know what God had something planned and He wasn’t quite ready to share that plan yet! We didn’t plan it, it was a happy accident on our part, but God knew all along. God knew what was going to happen and He knows what’s going to happen throughout the rest of this pregnancy.

Now that I’ve spilled the beans about our little raspberry (that’s how big he or she is right now), I’ll be posting more about my pregnancy and articles that relate throughout the pregnancy (my due date is Feb. 17, 2014). In a few weeks (July 29 — which is also my birthday) I’ll be getting that first ultrasound and I’ll definitely be sharing that!



2 thoughts on “Our happy (God planned) accident

  1. Prayers for you, sweet girl! I’m soooo happy for you! Thank you for helping me through this tough time for me as well! Love you!!!

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