Update: How we’re doing with this GF thing

IMG_3031In the past few weeks I’ve started to learn that sometimes being gluten-free means being creative. In the past few weeks I’ve learned just how much stuff we eat has gluten in it. Just a few minutes ago I had decided to make macaroni and cheese, but realized the only macaroni I have isn’t GF — it’s a bummer, but I just went to plan B.

What you’re seeing in the photo is an example of being creative. I love mexican food, but the day I wanted some tacos for myself I realized I didn’t have the time or desire to make tortillas and the only ones we had contained gluten. I had everything I needed for tacos, including the cheese dip and chips…so instead of having a few tacos, I made a taco salad, like you see here.

The only difference is that instead of a flour tortilla, I’m eating corn tortilla chips. It was still delicious and gluten free.

If you read my post a week ago, you know that I had a slight relapse and ate a ton of gluten/preservatives at one time and ended up miserable. Since then, I won’t lie, we’ve had some gluten, but not very much.

Jimmi hasn’t eaten hardly any gluten at all. Once he quit eating gluten his digestive/stomach problems went away. When I’m not eating it, I notice that I don’t feel as hungry. One of the “side effects” of gluten is that it makes you hungry for more — hence why you feel like you’re hungry again two hours after eating dinner.

When we’re at home, we don’t eat gluten at all — that’s when it’s the easiest. On Mother’s Day we had a little because when you’re not at home you eat what they’re eating. We had hamburgers and hot dogs, but Jimmi didn’t even most of the bread.

Jimmi has also completely gotten rid of his “wheat belly.” If he eats very much gluten, of course, it comes right back. He weighed himself on Sunday morning and then again this afternoon. In four days Jimmi has lost 6.6 pounds. Yes, it’s normally not good to lose that much weight at once, but apparently that’s normal for cutting out gluten. My Dad has lost a significant amount of weight since cutting out gluten. At one point he’d lost 10 pounds in under 10 days.

I’ve not lost as much weight, but I have definitely lost a few pounds and I’ve lost even more inches. Anyone that knows anything about how the body works knows that pounds don’t necessarily matter  (muscle weighs more than fat) — it’s about the inches you lose and most importantly it’s about eating and feeling healthy.

We’re slowly cutting out more and more as the days go and we’re getting much better. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this isn’t about losing weight — it isn’t about some stupid fad diet. The GMOs in the wheat are harmful to our bodies. Gluten, although it makes cooking much easier, makes you hungry more often which makes you eat more often which makes you gain weight. This is ALL about being healthy.


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