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Gluten-free Pizza crust

IMG_3038When I first started experimenting with some of these gluten-free recipes, I knew that mastering the tortilla and pizza crust were a must.

After a bit of trial and error I found a tortilla recipe that worked and tasted good. However, my pizza crust search wasn’t going so well.

The first recipe I tried turned out hard as a rock and didn’t taste great. Then I tried a cauliflower pizza crust recipe — it didn’t turn out well at all (Annita said she made it and it was good, but we may have used different recipes).

One of the recipes I’d tried was for a type of flat bread. In her blog she stated that she used the flat bread for sandwiches and even pizza crust.

Well, while I was making tortillas the other night I had a revelation. Tortillas are used for sandwich wraps, right? This girl on her blog used the flat bread for sandwiches and pizza crust, right? Why can’t I use a tortilla shell as pizza crust?

So I did. I made the tortilla dough the way I did before (click here for that recipe) except I added a few things. For my pizza crust I added garlic powder, fresh basil and fresh parsley.

When I rolled out my tortilla pizza crusts I rolled them smaller to make personal pizzas, but I left them a little bit thicker than tortilla shells. The recipe I have made 9 personal size pizza crusts.

IMG_3045Once I made my crust I added the pizza sauce (I use my spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce interchangeably — it tastes pretty much the same and you can always add a little bit more garlic to give it a pizza flavor).  I added my toppings and put the pizzas in the oven on 350. It took about 10-15 minutes for the cheese to melt.

Next time I’ll probably increase the heat to 400 just to make the cheese melt quicker. Also, the crust, once everything was baked, was crispy on the outside but soft as you got to the middle so if you want a crisp crust all the way then bake the crust for about 5 minutes before adding the toppings.

Overall, this pizza was delicious. I loved that I tasted all the sauce, toppings, cheese and crust together — the crust wasn’t overbearing because it was so thin.



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