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The wonderful world of juicing

Annita and my Dad recently started juicing. Dad has been interested in it for a while, but it got serious when he saw a movie on Netflix about Gerson Therapy. juicer

They bought a juicer and started juicing. Dad actually started juicing to periodically replace meals. So, the same day I bought all my good canning stuff, I decided to buy a juicer. Dad had talked about the juicer they had and had mentioned that he wishes they would have spent a little more on the Jack Lalanne Juicer.

If you don’t know much about Jack Lalanne, his website refers to him being “in to fitness before fitness was in.” He was born in 1914 and lived to be 97 years old and was still fit when he died.

The Jack Lalanne Juicer at Walmart was $100, but it looked well worth the cost. It came with a recipe book and a book on the benefits of power juicing.

Once I started using the juicer I discovered that sometimes more money is worth it. This juicer is quiet enough that I can talk on the phone while juicing. It’s also the juicer that gets more juice out of the fruit than all the other cheaper juicers (there are juicers WAY more expensive than this one).

I can juice two oranges and it will be enough for Josiah and I to each have a glass of orange juice. They won’t be large glasses, but the thing about juicing and drinking fresh juice is that you don’t have to and most likely can’t drink two or three glasses like you would bottled juice.

The great thing is that the juicer separates the pulp from the juice so if you don’t like pulp you just leave it out. If you do like pulp, just get it out of the container it’s separated into and add it back in.

One of my favorite juicing recipes is juicing an apple, carrot (or two) and some juicingcelery. The apple and carrot compliment each other well and the celery adds the extra liquid because it’s mostly water.

The other great thing about juicing is that you’re getting nutrients from fruits and veggies you might not otherwise get. Honestly, when are you going to sit down and eat a few carrots, apples, and other veggies, like kale, that are good for you? You’re probably not. But if you throw it all into the juicer and drink it for breakfast, then you’re good on nutrients for the day.

My only word of caution: don’t mix grapefruit and ginger root. (We wasted a ton of fruit trying to make this mixture taste better and it just didn’t happen)



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