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Pasta: Glutino noodles

In our house pasta noodles are almost as important as tortilla shells. pasta

We frequently enjoy spaghetti (see my spaghetti sauce recipe here) and chicken tetrazzini (I’ll post about this later) so gluten-free noodles are a must.

I actually bought the Glutino noodles in the (very small) gluten-free section at Walmart for $2 a box. I like to make everything in bulk so we can have leftovers so for my family of three we use two boxes.

These noodles were very tasty. Compared to it’s gluten-filled cousin it didn’t taste much different. The texture isn’t much different either.

The only thing is you really have to make sure that you don’t overcook the noodles. You want them to be a little chewy because once it sits in the sauce for a while it gets soggy. When I reheated the next day the noodles were a little smushy, but they still tasted good.

I’d definitely buy these again, but I’d make sure to cook them a little bit less.



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