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No gluten, no dairy, no meat and delicious

If I told someone that I could make them a gluten-free, dairy-free and meat-free dinner that tasted amazing, IMG_2971they’d probably not believe me — unless they’ve been eating that way.

People equate these three things with good taste and the lack of it must mean that it’s not tasty. However I can prove them wrong.

Chicken fried Lentils (original recipe borrowed from my sister-in-law) was the first time I purposely cooked vegetarian and cooked with lentils and every since I’ve been tweaking the recipe.

Basically, these chicken fried lentils are cooked lentils that I mixed to make the consistency of hamburger meat and then floured and fried. In the end it looks similar to fried chicken.

Here’s how to do it:

Lentils are hidden away where the bags of dry beans are. Before you open the bag and dump it all in the pan, let me warn you that less than half a bag of lentils fed four adults and a preschooler with leftovers.

Dump the lentils in a skillet with water and cook until they can be mushed (about 20 minutes). Then pour into a bowl and use a mixer (or potato masher) to make it look soupy. Once all the lentils are squashed add flour (gluten-free of course) until it has the consistency of hamburger meat.

Add spices that you normally would if you were making this meal with meat. In hindsight I’ve decided that next time I do it I’m going to add a teaspoon of my powdered beef broth (it’s all natural — Orrington Farm’s Beef Base) so that it will have a beef flavor.

Start making patties. The thicker they are the mushier they will be in the middle after they’re cooked. I only make mine about 1/2 inch thick. From here, you do the same thing that you would making fried chicken. Once I fry these up I put them in the oven to crisp while I make everything else.

With this I made mashed potatoes and brown gravy and then we had salad. For the mashed potatoes I used almond milk and it makes it creamy and a little sweeter than regular milk — it was awesome. I made brown gravy instead of white because I don’t care for the taste of white gravy made with almond milk. It tasted better with brown gravy anyway because with a lack of meat, the beef flavor added a nice touch.



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