A day at the market

A big part of trying to be more organic and natural is buying things fresh from the source, not from farmers marketWalmart (or wherever food is sold).

When you go to the grocery store you don’t know who has handled your fresh produce and what has been sprayed on it and how long ago it was picked. Not only that, but it tends to be more expensive because by the time the farmer sells it so a company the company raises the price so they can make a profit.

This past Saturday was the first weekend that the Farmer’s Market in North Little Rock has been open since last fall. When we got there people were everywhere and the farmer’s had everything stocked up and ready.

With my Dad’s new found health issue (caused by prolonged exposure to pesticides on the job), he has to try and avoid as much pesticides as possible — we all should. The beauty of the farmer’s market is that we just ask the farmer what he uses on his crops. It’s not like they’ve never heard that question before and they’re typically happy to answer.

Another thing I enjoy is that instead of having to accept one price for an item, I can just walk to the next two or three farmers that have the same thing and check their prices and the quality of the product.

Because I’m into canning, I have to buy some products in bulk (which can be expensive) and this weekend I had plans to make salsa so I needed A LOT of tomatoes. When I told one of the farmers what I was doing, she told me that the damaged tomatoes are really good for canning and that they sell for half price. Long story short, I got 16 POUNDS of tomatoes for 75 cents a pound — that’s $12. The only thing I had to do was cut the bad spots off so it was well worth the buy (and the salsa tastes great).

Here is what I ended up getting at the market:

  • 16 pounds of tomatoes — $12
  • 12 (large) Golden Delicious Apples — $4
  • 10 oranges –$4
  • 2 pounds of green beans and 2 zucchinis — $7
  • 1 pound of new potatoes — $2
  • 2 pounds of lettuce — $2
  • 2 avocados — $3

Most of the prices for these items at the grocery store are a lot higher. I know that 10 oranges costs a lot more than $4 at Walmart. And the great thing is that it’s more ripe (or under ripe depending on what you’re needing/wanting) and it tastes better.

Josiah bit into one of those apples and the crunchy, juicy sound was similar to a movie effect sound it was so fresh and yummy sounding.


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