Why we decided to do this

Our family, the Blauser and Sirratt family, has spent the past few years striving to eat healthier.

Annita Blauser is my (Erica Sirratt) step-mom. We decided to start this whole site because we learned that if you want to eat without dairy, wheat, and preservatives there’s little to no recipes out there.

My Dad (Annita’s husband), recently found out that a health issue caused by exposure to pesticides will now require him to maintain a diet that does not include wheat, red meat, preservatives, dairy and more.

You may be reading that list and wondering, “What else is there?” You have to be creative, but there are good, filling, tasty things to eat that don’t have any of those things in it.

Recipes for people who have to eliminate these common ingredients from their diets are hard to find. This is why we decided to create this blog and hopefully eventually create a cookbook so people don’t have to feel so intimidated by healthy eating.



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